Mellow Baker's

Here I am starting another book on baking bread!  This one though is a lot less pressure than having to bake every week, just choose any of the recipes that are given to us at the beginning of the month and bake what we have time for.  They call themselves Mellow Bakers and they are a smallish group of bakers who are baking their way through Jeffrey Hamelman's "Bread". Hopefully I will have a long list soon!  I must also say that while I do follow the recipe's in Bread, they are adapted to being 100% Fresh Ground wheat and will have no bread or AP flour. 

Whole Wheat Levain - Page 168
Whole Wheat Multigrain Soaker - Page 169
Pain au Levain
Pain au Levain with Mixed Starters
Pain au Levain Starters and 2nd try at recipe
5 Grain - Page 129
Pissaladiere - Page 275