Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's JUNE! Summertime is here....

Or is it?  I woke up this morning and it just never occurred to me that when you live in the mountains you might wake up to this:

Yes, that is an apple tree with flowers finally starting to bloom, covered in slushy snow.

I sometimes forget about living in the mountains, but occasionally it is made clear to me that living at 3800 feet above sea level is different than where I grew up.

That is slushy snow falling in the background of the picture, the type that chills you right down to the bone.  There was so much of it that it made the picture look out of focus.

I think you can just ask the kitties what they think about this snow.  They have spent the morning trying to keep warm!

Or the Australian Shepherd who takes his job very seriously and has to monitor the outside kitties when they leave the yard...

That is one sad wet looking puppy dog!  He won't leave his post to come dry out on the porch, till all his kitties are back home on the front porch.

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  1. Your life is the stuff of poetry, snow on apple blossom, shepherd dog waiting the return of the kitties... so sweet.

    Zeb jumped into a pond today which had one inch of water and 12 of mud. It took me nearly 40 minutes to get all the silt out of his fur.

    I'm trying to bake a gelatinized rye coated 100% sour rye loaf right now, and then it's off to bed. Not sure it 's going to work :)

  2. Lol, made Vollkornbrot from Hamelman's book a few days ago and they are hard as rocks! Feel like I made stone tablets for the ten commandments!

  3. Please send some of that cool weather my way!! It's been 90+ for almost 2 full weeks, welcome to the south!Made sour dough baguettes today for a picnic tomorrow.No fun baking without good CA, so glad ours works well!
    Love your write up!