Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pizza night...

Forget the days of perfectly round looking pizza's.  I no longer make them fit a pizza pan, and most times they come out in the oddest shapes, but they are really awesome cooked on my pizza stone.  My home made pizza's were always pretty good, but once I learned how to use my stone to it's fullest potential it made them so much better.  This one I made with chorizo sausage, onion, and red pepper which I sauteed in olive oil before topping the pizza with it. 

Pizza dough made with 70% White Whole Wheat, 30% bread flour, water, salt, olive oil, and yeast.

From WW70%Pizza

I used home made spaghetti sauce I made a few days earlier, and a mix of 3 different cheeses.  It was another really great pizza!  (Tim - it had red sauce, mushrooms, and onions so you wouldn't have liked it)

I am finding that when your breads and pizza's are good enough, it really effects your desire to actually eat out and enjoy it. It's really hard not to think, "Wow!  I think my bread, roll, or pizza dough is actually better than this!"  That is a really strange feeling....


  1. Oh, that looks SO good! The crust really makes the pizza, doesn't it? My husband loves pizza so much, he built a brick oven in our back yard. It's almost warm enough to fire it up....Woot!

  2. As I sit here and eat sourdough whole wheat pancakes, and think about a brick oven and exactly how much time and money that would cost, I can't help but think pizza is really awesome enough to risk it. Now just to convince my husband that that is the next step to making truly awesome bread and pizza. I have a feeling that is going to take a whole lot of convincing!!! Hope to see some pictures of that brick oven and pizza's this spring Freida! I so enjoy seeing all the wonderful things that you make....

  3. Love your pizza n toppings! I agree with Frieda that the crust is THE pizza.Always was dissappointed in the past with mine,till I caught a show by Alton Brown on pizza dough.He has the dough in a oiled bowl covered , does an overnight proof in the fridge.Next day let it warm, make the pizza.Usually make a double batch and freeze for later. I really enjoy this crust using the overnight proof, and to make it crisper, I prebake the untopped crust a few minutes before topping.

  4. Yes, crust is definitely what makes the pizza! I agree that allowing it to ferment overnight really makes a big difference in flavor. I think preheating the pizza stone for a full 45 minutes at 500* makes a big difference too, and not overloading the pizza helps also! To many toppings can make for a really wet pizza. I usually push the edge on the toppings, although this time I sauteed the veggies which helped a lot.