Wednesday, February 23, 2011

67% Whole Wheat Flax bread

This is by far the best tasting whole wheat bread I have made so far. It is soft, tender, and very light. I soaked the ground flax and fresh ground Hard White Winter Wheat flour in the kefir and water in my recipe for 20 hours. I then added the rest of the ingredients and mixed them together, plus kneaded for 6 minutes in my mixer.

I formed it into a boule, it was slighty tacky and not sticky at all.  Nice looking flecks of the flax meal, and a nutty smell. 

Allowed the dough to ferment for 1 1/2 hours, till double.  Then shaped and measured the dough into 2 two pound loaves, and 3 small rolls. 

I then let it rise for 45 minutes for the rolls, which I cooked first. 

I then put the loaves into the oven @ 380*'s for 30 minutes, and then tented it with foil for 15 minutes. I pulled from the oven these huge wonderful loaves.

The last whole wheat bread I made I also used 2 lbs of dough per loaf pan, and they were about 1/3 smaller than these.  This is just amazing bread, great taste, and light and fluffy.  Andy says it's the best whole wheat I have made so far.....

From WWFlax

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  1. They look delightful! I have noticed that when I make bread with either the 'whey' left over from yoghurt or with soured cream the dough seems to get big and fluffy too, I wonder if it is something to do with that... A friend is going to give me some of her kefir soon and I can't wait to try that in some bread. Have a lovely weekend! Joanna

  2. Thanks! The acid in it is supposed to break down the phytic acid and make the flour more digestible. I have to say I will definitely be using kefir, buttermilk, or even whey in the future because I feel it made a huge difference in the dough. I need to try different soakers and methods for a while to really see what happens though. Just a note on kefir, I'm not real keen on the taste of it, but if you have stomach problems or are looking for probiotics in a natural form then kefir is the way to go. We drink a glass a day with dinner, and it really helps.