Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kitty with no name....

From Kitties

I am nameless and would really like to be known by a real name. Can you help me?  I'm a girl, and I was born October 2010.  My family fell in love with me, even though I was supposed to go live somewhere else.  When my new owner decided he didn't want me, they decided to keep me because I am so sweet!  I always greet them and sometimes even want cuddles from them. They want to name me a boring name like Cali, can anyone do better than that?


  1. I'm sure after a few days, her personality will shine through and a name will come to you! She does look sweet!

  2. Lol,Normally that would be true. She was born here on our property, and has a wonderful mom who raises her kittens and teaches them to use a litter box. Someone asked us for a kitten and we raised her with that purpose, to be given to them, but they decided they didn't want a kitten. During that time we resisted naming her at all, and now we are trying to figure out exactly what to call her. I am hoping my kids chime in and give me some ideas, cuz they always have great names for our animals! For some reason my mind is pretty blank on naming this particular kitty.

  3. You could call her Jackie. Short for Jack O Lantern. Or maybe pumpkin.Cindy