Monday, April 18, 2011

Professional modeling sessions

Sylvester, Smoky and Thump each had a professional modeling session the other day and I thought I would share the results of all their hard work.  I think that Sylvester took it much more seriously than Thump did and really put a lot of hard work into these photo's.  Smoky seemed to not be interested at all, so the others tried to encourage him and give him some new modeling poses.

Thump however did bring some props into the session and used them quite effectively.

Smoky finally settled in and the photographer did manage to get a couple decent shots, but his might have to be redone.


  1. You have darling cats! Thump looks very similar to my Eddie and we just rescued a new kitten that sure looks like a Maine coon cat!

  2. Sigh, don't know what I would do without my cats. They keep me laughing, give so much love! The black and white one did all those poses in about 5 minutes. It was so very funny to watch him!