Sunday, May 15, 2011

BBA Light Whole Wheat Baguettes

I know this was supposed to be a loaf bread, but I have a couple meetings this week and I promised to bring whole wheat baguettes too.  I thought I would kill two birds with one stone and just make these into nice long shapely baguettes!  If I hadn't been in a hurry, and wanted to get this done in a single day, I would have been disappointed that none of the dough aged before baking.  As it was though, this worked really well for my schedule and that made it a nice bread for my really busy life right now. Here's a couple pictures of them:

I received a lame from Breadtopia for mother's day.  Really can't say enough about how wonderful this tool is!  It improved my slashing by a zillion percent!  Every slash I have done since receiving this has turned out wonderfully!

The crumb turned out nice for sandwich type bread.  Only complaint I have with this bread is that it was to sweet, which is probably because I am so used to lean breads that I am simply not used to sugar in them!

I had to slip these in, basically these are loaves of BBA Casatiello that I made into a baguette shape.  I wanted the slices to be more like a snack for my meetings this week.  Hope this works out ok!  I just used a different shape, but the same recipe.
First I took everything I needed out, measured it all out, and then added it to the bowl.  I mixed it, followed by kneading the dough for 6 minutes.  Seemed a little bit stiff to me, but it was supposed to be a sandwich type loaf so this should be fine.  It rose very high in my dough bucket, and the lid left an indent in the top of the dough.  Looks rather funny!

After the 2 hour rise, I shaped it into baguettes and allowed them to proof for an hour.  I then slashed them with my lame, and baked them like I would a baguette.  They turned out really nice, if a little bit to sweet for me. 

Links to my fellow baker's in the Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenge, 2011!  Here are links to their versions of this bread.  They are all very talented baker's, who have gotten together to share their results from baking the Bread's in Peter Reinhart's book Bread Baker's Apprentice.

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  1. What a great idea! aren't the simple changes the ones that make something 'more unique'.Those baguettes look soo great, i too love my lame!
    The breads look delicious,I used honey in mine, although my sweet tooth said it coulda used more!lol

  2. Lol, it really was a good bread, but I am so used to no sugar it just seemed overly sweet to me. If I made it again I would use a lot less sugar/honey.

  3. You baguette'd the Casatiello? Great idea! Nice new blog format, too!