Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's froggy this morning...

Did you know there are two 5 o'clocks in one day?  This morning I discovered this.  I actually knew the other one existed, and even occasionally see it, but after the kids left home I rarely get up before about 7 am much less actually leave the house and venture outside.  Most of you wouldn't believe I actually went outside at that time in the morning, so I will just confess right now and say that my honey took these pictures.  This is what our mountain looked like as the sun was rising, covered in fog from the massive amounts of rain we received yesterday. 

We also had a layer of frost everywhere, as you can see on the trees above us.   It's hard to see it lower down, but our cars were covered with it.

Today looks promising, with blue sky, but I am told that it is not supposed to be a warm day.  Maybe I should go back to bed and sleep some more....


  1. Joanne, how magnificent to wake up to that view in the morning! It's the sort of stuff my dreams are made of.. :)

  2. Lol, just remember that the view comes with a 3 hour trip to civilization in order to find any specialty baking supplies! Took us 6 hours of driving the other day, just to see the doctor and buy all sorts of goodies to bring home. Would love to come down your way someday, cept I would have to get over my fear of flying I suppose!

  3. Are you really high up? It looks beautiful. Your country is so huge, so much space, I am surprised so many people want to live in the cities, though being able to walk down the road to buy a bag of hazelnuts, say, does have certain advantages. I imagine you have to do serious shopping planning up there in those hills. Wonderful photos !

  4. Elevation 3800 feet. The more jobs we lose in rural areas causes people to be forced to move to the cities. No jobs for the kids who leave for college to come back to, so they stay in the city. I miss being able to go down the road and find the supplies I need, but I love that traffic jams consist of two cars slowing down to turn into the grocery store! Used to vacation in places like this, now I live here!