Friday, January 7, 2011

Anadama Bread

Couldn't resist trying the first recipe in my Bread Bakers Apprentice book, even though I haven't read but a few pages in it so far....
From Anadama
From Anadama

I was really surprised by this bread, didn't expect it to taste so good.  I don't eat sweet bread very often, but would much prefer this to a regular corn bread for my home made chili dinners!

I really really was hesitant about making this bread, since normally I don't really care for corn bread all that much.  It's usually to sweet for anything but chili.  Boy was I surprised, it really turned out awesome!  I actually ate a little bit of peanut butter on a piece today, and was again surprised with how much flavor it had and the sweetness was not overwhelming at all.  Here's a couple pictures with a link to more pictures of how I made this bread.  It also has some explanations:
From Anadama
  Next week I will be making the "Alien" bread that my family saw in my book.....

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