Friday, January 14, 2011

Outside Kitties....

There are people out there that say that we are kitten farmers. They know who they are. Just because we have kitten round-ups and have taught our dogs to herd the kittens doesn't mean this is a kitten ranch. Really, there are only, let me see..... 7 cats on my front porch. It's winter, wouldn't you want to sleep all together close to where there is food and water? 

Curly From Kitties
Mitten Kitten From Kitties
Face From Kitties
Cally From Kitties
No Name From Kitties
No Name From Kitties
Fozzy Kitty From Kitties
There is only one hold out who sleeps in the barn with the chickens most of the time. When she has her kittens she usually can be seen sharing parental warming duties with at least one hen. Her name is Pudge, but she's hard to get pictures of.  I will try at a later time, but it's to darn cold out there to do it now!


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