Friday, January 14, 2011

Inside Kittens or members of our family?

Here's the oldest of our kitties.  We call her Thump, but her real name is Orange Flash Thump.  She is my sons cat and when we were trying to decide what to call her, both my kids and I were talking and watching her out by our barn.  My son had decided he liked the name "Orange Flash" to go with his puppies name "Thunder Puppy to the Rescue" and had just said that to us.  There is some dispute as to who came up with Orange Flash, as both my kids seem to think they did.  There is however no doubt about who came up with the Thump part.  My son says, "I want to name her Orange Flash" and right at that moment she turned and ran straight towards the barn and went.....  Thump right into the side of it!  I know that we have some extremely long and complicated names for our animals, but they all got them because of the personality that goes along with them.

Thump From Kitties

The next addition to our family is actually my Mother-in-laws kitten Smokey.  Now he had an interesting start in life, because between the very young age of maybe 3 weeks with his eyes barely open he was told that he was a girl.  He came very close to being named Ashley, which would have been very silly for such a manly little guy.  The vet assured me that he was definitely a He before he became an It.  Just wanted to put that rumor to rest before moving on.  We had a houseful this summer, with a visit from my sis-in-law who brought 2 of her kids and one of my nephews, and of course her husband.  They stayed a short while, but we also had my son and my mother-in-law Ruth home for the summer.   When they went back north not only did he lose all his people except my husband, but he also lost his brother who moved to Washington State to live with my nephew.  I also left on the same day to help my sister after surgery and was gone a month.  This all happened in one day in August, and at that time he decided that Andy was his favorite person.  After all he was the only one that didn't desert him, so I can rather understand why he would cling to Andy.
Smokey From Kitties

The last kitten, but the best, is Sylvester.  I haven't had my very own kitten for many years.  They have always been my childrens, or clung to other's in the family.  This time I decided it was time to have one that would cuddle me.  Trouble is he only cuddles me when HE wants to, although he does get jealous if I hold and mess with the other kitties.  He almost got the name Pepe Le Pugh (not sure of spelling), simply because he looks like an upside down skunk.  There was a vote taken though and Sylvester was named.  He is a dapper looking fellow, and he knows it.  Definitely the most beautiful cat ever seen, to be admired by all.  Someone told me that I am biased, but I know that is not true. 
Sylvester From Kitties

These are our "Ornamental Kitties" and we love them dearly. There is actually one more kitty in our house, but he really isn't nearly as cute and cuddly. His name is Camo Kitty.

Camo Kitty From Kitties

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