Monday, January 10, 2011


Well I pulled my starter out of the fridge, fed it and split it for giving some to a friend. I also made what I took off into a loaf that I left out for about 6 hours to rise, and is now sitting in the fridge waiting to be baked tomorrow. I started a poolish for my whole wheat honey potato bread which I will probably not make for a few days, but wanted to have on hand when I do. I will also make one for the Greek Celebration bread I will be making later in the week. Here's what I did today:

Whole Wheat Poolish
3 small pinches of yeast, 14 oz whole wheat flour and 14 oz water for poolish. Mix till all is moistened, then cover and let sit for 8 to 24 hours, best if it is actively bubbling when you use it.

Pulled off 9 oz of starter and fed 150 grams of flour and 150 grams water

Used the starter I pulled off, added 300 grams bread flour and 150 grams water, plus 1 tsp of salt. I mixed the water in using the paddle, till it was a milky looking liquid. I then added the flour and salt (was mixed into flour), and kneaded for approximately 8 minutes. It cleared the side of the bowl, and was sticking to the bottom of it. Just right. Greased a bowl to put it into. I then pulled it out of the mixer and shaped it into a ball, tucking the underside in and making it a nice round shape on top. I sprayed a small amount of oil on top, and on plastic wrap, then I set in a warm place for six hours till it bubbled up on the edges. I then put it into the fridge to develop flavor overnight.

Thats it! Time to make dinner....

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