Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kaiser Rolls

Made these Kaiser rolls the other day, along with a loaf of whole wheat bread (actually about 50% whole wheat 50% bread flour).  The kaiser rolls turned out great, but the loaf I used to test the size of my new clay baker from King Arthur Flour.  I discovered that a 2 lb loaf fit's to the point of taking the shape of the baker, luckily I greased both top and bottom of it!  The rolls turned out like this and were nice a tender with a good crumb:

From WholeWheat

From WholeWheat

The bread would have came out fine I think, but it looks real funny with the shape of the clay baker....

From WholeWheat

The crumb was a little off at the top, with some larger holes and a small cave at the top.  I think I just got in a hurry and the temp in the kitchen was really cold the day I made these.  The rolls turned out really well, but I think the bread qualifies as  an "Ugly Loaf".


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